Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Each person is blatantly and unconsciously trained to operate from the ugly terms of fear.  For it to be said that some are afraid of their own shadows is merely a tip of the iceberg.  We will make progress when we can keep in mind that much of today's stirring about in the most routine of efforts has a silent boss in place; mean, bullying, and intimidating fear.

Fear causes us to hide rather than to explore.  It insists that we defend rather than imagine.  Strong leaders only grow to a certain level if limitations have been defined; mistakenly declared.  These can look back (and maybe down at others) in comparison in order to grasp some semblance of security that we are doing okay.  Yet, fear will keep us from engaging in the perpetual progress He intends for us.  Because God is God and we are not, we are ever on the treadmill of learning, developing, and maturing.  This is the nature of a true disciple.

One must be on guard.  Otherwise, decisions will be presented under the guise of wisdom when, in reality, the decidee was afraid to try, explore, even hear, an alternative.  Ruling and deciding can have the fragrance of true leadership; when in reality it is more aligned with cowardship.

Why is this theme important?  It is so because Jesus is the ultimate train wreck of man's accountable intelligence.  To gain we are to release.  To live we are to die.  To win we are to lose.  The business mind, under the heading of spiritual leadership, is catastrophic.  It won't dare let go of the controls.  It is afraid to leap by faith; so it would rather limp by sight evaluation processes.

It is said of Walt Disney that anytime his advisory board was unanimously against a project, he would start on it immediately.  That sounds like Jesus.  Jesus did what couldn't be done, went where one shouldn't go, and loved when others had thrown up their hands in disgust.  Jesus' way is the way that an unbelieving world wants....but can't seem to find.  I'm convinced that unbelievers are not looking for the brightest and the rightest of church organizations.  They are on the hunt for a people who are nuts about their God and their indescribable experiences with Him.

We are to be that message of the impossible becoming possible.  We are to be the hope of what can't possibly be has already become.  So be on guard dear one who lives beneath the banner of being responsible.  Try to break the bonds of thinking without thinking; the trait of making decisions without questioning just where God has you and that particular circumstance at the moment.

Mankind is in desperate need of outrageous hope!  It will not be found in the churches that operate from the business-as-usual mind.  God is the God of what can't possibly happen does.  We are to be that sort of new creation.  He defies logic; that very thing that man's pride reveres most.

The questions, therefore are two: will we believe the outrageous of Him...and will we dare let Him offer us His immeasurable supply?

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