Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Striving.  We are always striving.  Obsessed with more of whatever, we so often find our lives burdened by the clutter that tends to weight us down.  Are we expected to always be on mission to prove ourselves, defend ourselves, recognize ourselves?

What if we could grow in the dimension and direction of God's script for us?  What if we would develop a pattern of dying to ourselves?  This would surely take on a new dynamic that just might lead us into His promise of gaining new life.

I seem to be my most miserable when I am most critical of how I'm being neglected. Or, forgotten.  Or, misrepresented.  But, what if I were to increase in attentiveness toward others rather than measuring just how much cheering I receive?  What if my outflow were to dominate; not my inflow which causes belly-button gazing?

Mark it down.  You are not enough.  None of us are.  Therefore, maybe we could abstain from trying to prove that we are something which we will never be.  Maybe we could join the choruses of bragging on and complimenting others.  This might change two worlds, simultaneously; theirs...and the ours.

Be confident that you are not enough.  Be confident that Jesus is enough....in you.

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