Thursday, February 16, 2017


It's pretty fascinating to me to consistently learn of amazing works for God that are going on all over the world.  We will never grasp the ties and connections to one another as we strive to serve from a basis of faith.  It's just too much to grasp because it's more the size of God than or our collective selves.  As partners within the Kingdom, we participate in fruitful miracles to win in ouk communities while we remain oblivious to His so very much that He has going on.  So be encouraged, your efforts matter...your faith efforts.

I toss an idea your way.  It's nothing new; but it is always valuable to consider as a reminder.  God's ways are not ours.  I continue to expect, even desire, that God operate from our business mind.  The "You make x amount of calls and you'll get x amount of sales" mentality leaves us stuck on our own muscle and steam.  The Spirit is the Refueler and the Redirector.

To wait on God seems to bug our carnal bent for being in control.  All the while we want to be the churches of "What's Happening Now".  I surely do, don't you?  So with this awareness of our inner wrestlings, I remind you that God is working.  I have learned to reevaluate my concept of "work" due to John 6:29.  Our work is to believe in Jesus.  Our struggle is that the flesh would rather have a tangible result to show for/to ourselves that we are effective.

I encourage patience.  Sometimes we sow seed only to hit the field the next day and dig up the seed to see how it's progressing....which will never hit growth by such a trend.  Dare to believe in the invisible.  We operate by faith; not by sight.  The temptation is so strong to quote such a passage and then hit the pavement with our own agenda and muscle.

Lean into God.  I want to learn to lean into Him more.  He is our hope through the Spirit of Jesus.  Let Him do His stuff by getting our stuff and ourselves out of the way.

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