Friday, February 17, 2017


Dear Wonderful Friends who want me to Copy and Paste,

I've not received a request from one person to Copy and Paste their message that I don't dearly love.  I'm crazy about people.  But, if it's okay with you, could I tell you something that you do the people like me?

Your messages include so that I will know who my real friends are.  These words are then followed by you will learn just which ones they are by those who Copy and Paste your message, send it to twenty people, and copy you.

What you don't realize is that you place guilt upon those of us who really love you, but don't want to join that zone of FaceBookism.  And, some like me don't have a clue how to Copy and Paste.

So, would you please not test me as to whether I like you on the basis of whether I Copy and Paste a style of FaceBookism that you obviously enjoy?  Because when you do, it makes me feel guilty because I don't know how to do it....and if I did, I wouldn't.

My friends are dear to my heart.  To be told that I must Copy and Paste to prove it?  Well, I don't know just how serious you are about such.  But when I don't, I'm not meaning to hurt your feelings.  I like you.

 Copy and Paste this memo to twenty of your friends....but not to me.

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Don Walton said...

OK, here's what I think they're getting at. First you have to get some tracing paper and put it over their Facebook "post" or whatever they call it. Then trace (copy) whatever that they have there. Then mix up some flour and water (library paste) and paste it on their wall. But that would require you to know where they live and which wall of the house they want it pasted on. Maybe there would be no more room to paste anything and their house would be covered with tracing paper. Funny way to find your "real" friends, but hey, different strokes...