Thursday, February 16, 2017


Nobody likes bad days.  But the truth is that whether we like them does not stop them.  What we choose to do with them is, fortunately for us, optional.

I encourage you today to view your stresses as a fuel for growth rather than as reason for a downer.  We have the power to reverse the setting; any negative setting.  Insult and injury can be transformed to power and blessing.  Bad days are bad days.  We don't try to relabel them.  But we can learn how to make them serve us rather than us serve them.

Life isn't an arrival where we are never called any longer to grow up.  Life is a process that moves us forward and upward by the route of challenges.  First graders don't live the rest of their lives in first grade.  Nor do these same ones get to remain in eighth once they get to that level.  And what takes place in this procedure?  Each student is challenged (by things that they do not understand nor even like in some instances) in order to mature.  Maturing is always challenged to mature even more.

The reason for this particular post is that I know that many of you encounter powerful stresses.  Turn such on its head.  Train it to serve you rather than boss you.  You are not to be a slave to trouble.  But rather you are to transform it into a renewable energy that takes you even farther and higher than if you had not encountered such.

Trash can be converted to fuel.  We have the choice.  Let's dare to go for it!

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