Sunday, September 18, 2016


Right now is filled with everything.  It has such a vast array of favorites and disappointments; courage and fear.  Focus on the good stuff; the life stuff that truly exists squarely upon your path.

Anybody can have a flat tire; but not everybody gets to have a car.  Anyone can experience a tooth-ache; yet some children never lived long enough to have teeth.  To get right down to the nitty and the gritty, there needs to be a whole lot more Thank You God going on rather than Why Me God?  

So yes, I would not be surprised that you have a lot going on.  You must be in demand.  I would not be surprised that you experience very much pressure.  You must be a very capable functioning adult.

Therefore, I cheer you on!  Don't let the negatives run your show.  Neither let them be invited into your day.  We've got living to do....lots of it!  When we turn our eyes upon Jesus, we see that even suffering and death made him advantaged.  We be noticed doing the same.  Even in our darkest moments the light of God shines through us even brighter.

Right now is in your favor.  You know people who are lovely and just wonderful to think about.  You have blessings galore to the point you get tired of dusting and mopping and washing and drying and mowing and trimming them.  So try to avoid speaking into the air with a complaining voice.  Millions of homeless souls would treasure my bad day...and most likely yours as well.

This morning be sure the let the smile in your heart show up on your face.  Others will be blessed because you choose to be the blessee.

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