Saturday, September 17, 2016


We have been in the choir far too long to need this sermon preached to us.  But you need it.  I need it.  All God's chil'uns need it.

We are fools to think that we can compare ourselves to others and that such comparison puts us on top.  We are missing the point of the Cross if we believe that there are those who sin who should know better; but we somehow escape the accusation personally.  Far from the truth is that there is another sinner worse than the person making the evaluation.

The Apostle's words got by me for years; no, decades.  I didn't believe him when he spoke of himself as wretched, least, and weak.  Not the Apostle Paul!  Today I know he believed it of himself and that we are to believe the same of ourselves....devastated over our coveting sin, least in the room, and weakest in the ministry,  Not one voice has clearance from above to insult or blame another from the perspective that they are bad and that we are not like them.

We.  Are.  All.  Alike.

This is why the solution is the same for all.  Sin destroys.  Our self-righteous efforts are failing cover-ups.  The work of Jesus upon the Cross delivers.

So while each of us really do many things that probably annoy, injure, or hurt you, try to remember that you do the very same things to others.  Argue why you are different if you like; but you will not be speaking from the trek of truth.  You will be soaking in your own self-satisfying words which make you somehow feel justified that you can degrade, even damn, another while you, simultaneously, deflect the dying love of Jesus who suffered for you as well as the rest of us.

A huge error coming from each of us is seen in the commentary of Luke 18:9-14 where the religious leader spouted off to God that he was just so grateful that he wasn't like the trash across the room.  And Jesus concluded that the one wrong was justified; while the one assuming self-rightness was all wrong.  This thinking is one error we just must try to get stopped.

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