Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I'm struggling significantly with what to say and how to say it.  My mind goes to those among us who are contemplating parting from the church because something isn't right; but they aren't quite sure what.  Many (masses) have opted out.  They attend other churches or simply fade into the would-work of the God-life if they only knew better how to fit our earthiness with His Spirit.

We have no light task in front of us.  Distraction fills the air.  From illness to injury to hurt feelings to indifference about God or people, mankind is in a slump.  We have been called from darkness into light for a reason...and we just must increase at making the move.  Hearts want to know if there is a God and, if so, how to know Him.

The Spirit of Jesus is fighting for entrance into His own Kingdom.  I do not consider myself as exempt from resisting Him.  I wonder day by day whether I've got what it takes to be a fortunate part of this amazing system.  Frankly, I do; but only because of His righteousness and never due to my own skill set.

I'm noticing a pattern among us.  Oddly, it is that the effectivity of God has no pattern.  We, on the other hand, prefer markers.  We want humanistic road signs that assure us with cross-reference and rock-solid information.  Have we not discussed faith in God as if this is an element which can be mastered if sufficient application is given?  Have we not believed that it is within man--certainly in our leaders--that if we were to try wise enough, long enough, and hard enough that we will accomplish Christianity a step ahead of the insincere?

What I see about me (and us) is that I have grown satisfied with the explainable.  I question my ability to walk out on the faith limb and saw it off behind me.  Rather, security seems to reside within the realm of figuring, planning, arranging.  It seems that if I can just figure how to approach an opportunity, and calculate how it will go, then somehow I'm going to get the task at hand handled.

What bugs me about me is that such isn't the trademark of faith.  It's His talent; not ours.  It's to be His strength; not my own.  Yet, my confidence seems to be tempted to take up space in the known; the very opposite of Romans 4:17 or Hebrews 11:1.

May we continue to work on believing God over trusting in our own spiritual habits which require little risk.

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