Friday, August 12, 2016


We must have help to get through just the most ordinary of days.  You get that.  Right? No, really.  You do get that about life?  Struggle is as faithful as the sun rising.  It comes in clusters and leaves profound imprint.  It is our work to shift from the frustration of the flesh to faith in the Son...John 5:29.

This cannot be taken lightly.  Because we are humans with brains which develop extremely high estimation of our own surmising, we are quite likely to take our daily trek into our own hands.  Life is more than astute fleshly calculation.  It is linked directly to the potency of God.

Opinionation and moodiness are very likely to become little gods who boss us around in our own walk while leading us to conclude the same for those around us.  If the Divine isn't in the mix we simply have a conglomeration for aiming at causes and solutions as if tossing a dart toward the board.

But we are in life for more than this!  We are in the Kingdom where the you never would have guessed it in a million years takes place.  Don't you love that?  Or...maybe you really don't?  So I ask, are you in the church so that everything goes well?  Or, are you in it because things don't and you are connected to the One who transforms discouragement into energy?  Really....just which is it?

Are you one who wants to make a difference for others?  Or, is your main goal that during church on Sunday mornings nothing goes wrong?  Do you pray for the Divine to happen?  Or are you one who simply wants to survive a day without insult?  Divine potency is needed; always in the camp of the inadequate and the too weak.  That's where God leads.

This morning I walked into my office to find two items awaiting.  One is a gracious note from a minister's wife miles from Tulsa asking me to pray for her sweet preacher husband who is near the end of his rope.  The second was a message from a stranger asking me to please pray for her husband whose struggles are mighty as well as threatening.  Welcome. To.  Today.

This is not just my world.  It is yours.  If we think we are going to manage from our best efforts we have failed before we left the house.  Our only skillful manner in which to eagerly assist the many among us who are taking their turns at being bumfuzzled and heart-broken is for us to look to and believe in the mighty Divine Potency of our Father.

Faith isn't second class that sits on the back row.  Faith dares to face stubborn discouragement head on.  We don't know what to do from our strengths, our confidences, nor our intellect.  Sorry.  We know what to do from Father's spiritual leadership of which we go to school in our own sufferings in order to understand the notes we open or the calls we receive seeking our input.  Go Divine!

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