Saturday, August 13, 2016


Life revolves around how one thinks.  Identical situations can happen to two people simultaneously.  One can take the circumstance of, say a ball game rained out, and be disgusted while the second person is relieved.  One might find that a flight cancellation due to mechanical problems ruins an entire trip while another in line may be grateful that the problem was not discovered in mid-air.  We tend to view all matters from different perspectives.

Each of us encounters news or issues which can sting.  There is no exception to one's vulnerability.  And the Bible clearly addresses the truth that we are to let our yes be yes and our no be no.  Furthermore, we are allowed to shed tears as in weep with those that weep.  The good news of any given negative situation is that the darkness doesn't have to stay there.  We can move on.  And, on we do go.

The conquering of stressful moments is not found in the annihilation of the problem; but rather in our we choose to think.  Even in the simple matter of anger, God didn't eradicate it from our paths.  What He did way was to be over it by the next day.  So where do we develop our approach to constant attacks against our day...our will?

The conquering takes place in the thought-life.  First, we are called to live in the Kingdom of God day by day.  Yet, we race past that as we have calendars harping and tires going bald because, well, most plates are full.  So daily thinking slows down the hurt, the pain, the frustration, and the worry.  By the way, did Jesus have anything to say about worry? we brush that off as he's never lived in my shoes?

Within my little 5'8", 190#, frame of a person, I am just like many of you.  I've got plans that get sabotaged, friends who are fretful, and a brotherhood of voices coming my direction; some in sweet love and others in treacherous hate.  Add to this my slightness; inadequate, ignorant, and/or foolish style.  The truth is that every day...I am not enough.

The truth is also...neither are you.

So what we do to keep from giving up is that we live day by day; just as He said.  And in that renewal, we fill our minds with the wonders of our world and not our worries.  This is magic for me.  It isn't that I don't cry nor have moments of fear.  But in my choosing to think about those I love and the many works that have gone right and the encouragement that floods my FB, mailbox, and phone line....I get to live a very privileged life.  And.  So.  Do.  You....for the very same reasons.

Everyone faces angst; sometimes huge amounts of it.  I'm standing beside you.  But I will tell you that there is one main Kingdom trait that keeps me driving forward.  That one thing is rehearsing via my thought-lines the many amazing and wonderful people I get to know.  Who wouldn't love to get to be me one day?

Tears?  Yes, I have my share.  Concerns?  I'd assume average.  Reason to hope?  Perfected...because The Grave really is empty.  We.  Win.

Live in renewal.  This is God's intent.

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