Tuesday, May 03, 2016


I wonder if life is generally experienced in stages.  These are usually to be noted in ordinary age patterns; but even that cannot be taken as a rule for there are exceptions...always because some younger think older and some aged have minds of youth.

Generally speaking though, in the Teens and Twenties, one might note how the much the older people (like in their 30s-50s) seem to think archaic.  Their dress, their mannerisms, their lingo (the younger believe) are surely outdated.

The mid-range--30s, 40s, 50s, early 60s--see the obvious (to them).  The Teens and Twenty-Somethings live in a fantasy of sorts while the late 60s+ are apparently notoriously stuck.  If these younger and older could possess the get-up-and-go with the wisdom garnered in this bracket, these believe the world would be much better off.

Each age range seems to be consistent; looking back with rolling of the eyes and looking forward with...rolling of the eyes.

I wonder if the stages might signify that none ever really have a strong grasp of what might be needed for the large spectrum called life.  Maybe this would be why we must shift to the style of Jesus in order to gain a better dimension of this matter that we each deem most important.

God spells it out both simply and clearly; we are inadequate and the Spirit is the reason (the only reason) adequacy is ever experienced...II Corinthians 3:4-6.  Only when we admit our lack, while simultaneously realizing the confidence we have in the Spirit therein, will we have accurate grasp of exciting reality.

Doing Kingdom life from our own talent and will-power is not doing Kingdom life.  It is another mere effort to push our agenda under the guise of being positive on the exterior while being fearful on the interior.  Trusting God to do much with our very vague littleness?  This sets the STAGE for all of robust life.

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