Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Do any of you ever feel like you are drowning in the very work you love?  Do you notice, increasingly so, that there are not enough days in your hour?  I am there and I share openly for those who are also there...and for those who are going to hit such moments.

I'm losing ground.  I don't speak with complaint.  Is it about over-commitment?  Age? Lack of discipline by taking on too many projects?  I share this simply to say where we live is very real and sometimes we struggle to do what we are supposed to do coupled with what others expect us to do.

I wish to be careful about the age we live in--2016--but I do believe God's wonderful creation of individuals has encountered a pace far more intense than what I think I recall in the 50s and 60s.  Just now my phone bing-bonged me with a message from a preacher in Arkansas so I had to interrupt these thoughts.

Turn your phone off, you say?  I can't.  I'm addicted.  I'm addicted to muchness, I now believe.

So may we take a look at Jesus; always in demand, always in the center, always facing opposition.  He had such a knack of walking through the crowds and then entering the confines of seclusion.  I admire him for this.  And, he made absolutely profound moves to win the whole world.

I speak to you mommas and daddys and bosses and employees and coaches and parents and teachers and students and drivers and riders, try not to live so hard so far so much that you forget to live.  We function in a society that may be over-yesed.  We say yes to ministry, t-ball, sewing club, golf tournament, and weekend trips when what we may need most is to sit down and simply relax.

You know I'm not promoting laziness.  I am pushing for effectivity while we breathe. You are a person of incredible God-gifted value.  You are destined to change the world. Try to be careful not to let the unconscious and demanding calendar waste you.

You are seriously important.  You have differences to make.  Do it...intentionally.

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