Sunday, May 01, 2016


Do think it possible that we live from an inner compelling calculation?  The kind where we can't dare give God room to surprise, honor, or endorse our wild ideas because reason and stability tossed wild out the window many insecure moons ago?  I don't just think so, I know so for myself.

Kingdom traits like grace, mercy, and love cannot be restricted to man's best minds.  We even have a slight tendency to mock those who would push such an agenda.  Regarding each of these three, it is not unusual for a few in Bible classes to caution just why it is that these (grace/mercy/love) must be guarded in practice else we become abusive, negligent, and....liberal.

Therefore, I simply remind us to evaluate our reach to others, our generous surrendering of our money to God, and our time spent in relationship with God through prayer.  In these three (and there are a host of others), we find that we are robust in daring faith or else restrictive by our self-defending humanistic wisdom.  The former brings an abundant experience of joy.  The latter causes us to be squint-eyed and suspicious....and usually afraid.

We or the other.  If we are going to live in calculation, how about deciding to calculate that we can't calculate if we are going to walk the magnificent path of Jesus?

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