Saturday, March 26, 2016


It seems that this weekend--Easter--sets the stage like none other for inner reflection as to who we are and what we are about.  This one date unveils the real us for God took us to the Cross 2000 years ago and strung us up for our lack, our foolishness, our sins.  Jesus was the replacement for each of us.  What a fantastic, immeasurable, impacting fact.

If not careful, we will diminish Jesus' move as we find ourselves, estimate ourselves, to be above the wretched wreck that caused him to come in our stead in the first place.  What we do is subtly and very determinedly develop a hatred for others in our midst who if we don't.

Unfortunately, too many of us have become churched.  In doing so we have not grown more compassionate toward the sinner; but more irritated.  It is at this place where we shoot ourselves between the eyes.  We have forgotten exactly how in the world God could allow us to get in.

Jesus methodically moved around the religious and into the hearts of men and women who were regarded as rejects by the holy.  We still don't get it.  None of us are in this thing because we've got righteousness figured out.  None of us are that good.  We aren't even close.  We, instead, take on his righteousness for ours is but filthy rags.

What has happened over time is that each of us has developed an ability to regard our personal sin(s) as manageably acceptable.  Yet, we detest the sins of another as if in shock that they could dare do/be such a thing.  This.  Is.  Who.  We.  All.  Have.  Become.

If God has made anything clear, He has assured us repeatedly that anytime we view another with contempt, we just shot ourselves between the eyes.  I know of no person worse than me...really.  You know of no one more disgusting than yourself...truly.

So what are we to do?  Go off to pout, or squawk, or quit?  Nope.  We are to realize the grace handed to us on a very rugged platter with instructions from the Savior to now go do the same for some other sinner.

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