Sunday, March 27, 2016


This is the day the world celebrates more intensely than any other regarding the new: new hope, new power, new perspective, new beginnings.  Easter seems to remain a launching pad for Christians; rightly so.

So what will be different?  I'm saying nothing different and everything new.  We are expected to live in perpetual forgiveness of our human colleagues.  While this is as old as the stars, the newness comes into play because we have new offenders who need our mercy.  This is a perpetual (new) component of being a life-giving individual.

The difference that our arisenness makes is that we have a daily purpose of seeing that even our enemies are us.  Each of us gets so far behind the eight-ball of sin that our only means of survival is found in the resurrection power.  This is where hatred is turned into love, pain is turned into purpose, and the intense mood of harboring ill-will is transformed into delight in our offenders.

Arise!  This is all found as near as a decision; whether to forgive or not.  We should. We can.  We will.  Arisenness may not be a real word; but is surely is a huge factor of offering real relief to the entire world.

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