Friday, March 25, 2016


These are not easy times.  I doubt that any ever were.  But, we face ours as these are the ones we must negotiate.  Dealing with stress is a constant...for everyone...calling for elements of maneuverability beyond ourselves.

The reason that I sense the need to address this matter is because I want to cheer on the whole world to really live...right now.  By that I mean that living is not the same as breathing.  Everyone alive is breathing; but not everyone breathing is really alive.  The latter are not filled with joy; but are overwhelmed with burden.  Too, these feel that they are plagued with bad breaks.

We, therefore, want to recognize that this world of ours has its certain highs coupled with definite lows.  Also, it simply must be realized that the difference is not in whether one has troubles.  The difference is found in how those stresses are handled. Even the rich and the famous carry severe burdens that the lower class would not have ever guessed.  Of course the reverse is true as well.

In dealing with stress, then, it might help if could we could begin by eliminating the comparison factor.  Observing how others are doing and how much more they have, etc., is one of mankind's worst mistakes.  The Apostle penned in II Corinthians 10:12 that when one classes, compares, commends, and measures himself against another, this person is without understanding.  This one doesn't get it.  Feeling less, or superior, due to how much another is doing or possessing is a waste of emotional gymnastics.

Finally, as so much could be said on this topic, don't be fooled into believing the sun revolves around you; but rather you it.  To take this a step further, don't be as fooled by believing that the Son revolves around you; your every need, every wish, every plan.  We are to revolve around him.  As we grow in this process we will learn about the crosses we have been assigned.  And as we do so, we will come to understand that even the bad days have meaning, purpose, and usefulness.

Romans 5:1-5...we are advantaged when we are having a good day and we are equally advantaged when we are having a bad day.  These are ideas which might help us turn the tide of stress into a wave of advantage.

Wow!  What an energy field (our troubles) at our disposal!

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