Wednesday, February 24, 2016


We must be very on guard lest we regard belief factors as mundane.  These ideas aren't usual.  Neither are they reasonable.

Faith peers into the what isn't yet and sees what can become.  It is one of the most remarkable traits of human existence.  It is the connection God to man; our interactive involvement.

While we might be lulled into a routine, even in the realm of the spiritual, we must remain on alert; alert not to danger but to marvel and awe.  Life is a magnificent privilege that, if not careful, we will waste thinking that this experience is abstract or even meaningless.  It is majestic in measurement; profound in depth.

Getting to believe is more than a verification of truth.  It is the activity of seeing things come about.  We get to see past a person's flaws; even their lack.  In turn, we possess an insight into what they can become even if they don't see it themselves.

Believing isn't the routine of whatever happens happens; however it goes, it goes.  Nope.  Faith is moving through human ordinary life with the backing of Powerful God.  We are not set back by disappointment.  We will not quit on others.  Our vision surpasses what the fleshly eyes can see.

I pray that the eyes of your heart might see said the Apostle Paul who at one time fought a deeply troubling eyesight.  We can see through that which stands as an obstacle in front of us.  We are called to see past the challenges by peering into the potential of God's delivering hand.

Believing isn't routine for it carries the empowering wonder of the outlandish style of the living God among His living believers!

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