Thursday, February 25, 2016


So how do we encourage the whole world?  It surely and obviously could use a boost. And you know that when I say world that I'm referencing the world of people.

It's a strange thing how much there is to be seen, accomplished, and experienced in this creation of His.  I mean God really did a Masterful job; mountains, oceans, Lowes. Everywhere we turn there is wonder.

However, is it not strange how we have at times transformed wonder into wander?  Is it just a bit weird that we can likely fly past the brilliance of an average day because we become engrossed, even miffed, due to the fact that we ordered eggs sunny-side up and they were delivered moon-side down?

I simply cheer you on.  You need it.  You deserve it.  This is true where we live; cheer is all around.  The way we encourage the whole world is to note the marvel that is everywhere we turn and then speak of it to others.

And by the way.  Yes, I know that the title has a misspelling.  Not everything is ideal. But within that title, did you happen to notice that there were five words which were spelled corectly?

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