Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Believing God is THE life-changer of all adjusting factors.  Nothing challenges...nothing impacts...like the assurance of faith which carries conviction of things hoped for as well as strong assurance of things unseen.  An immediate leech to faith is how strongly the flesh wants deeply to function by the visible.

We tend to want to see, or foresee, the results of efforts we intend to make.  Our inclination is to chart out as best we can what will transpire by our leaps of faith.  On top of that, if we can't seem to fathom strong accomplishment, we feel more secure to sit on our hands with probable simultaneous sighing.

Faith is the guts of the spiritual world.  It is not being glad matters eased a bit when having been under strain.  No.  Faith believes what isn't can become (Romans 4:17).  As mentioned in that text, its strongest potential is mentioned; death being transformed into life.

The wonderful world of believing God is not a system whereby we fold our hands and just wait out circumstances hoping for the best.  Relationship with the living, powerful, involved-in-our-lives God brings a whole new approach to our days.  We imagine what can be; even if there is neither rhyme nor reason as to why or how it should develop.

Faith is THE game-changer.  I urge you to push back with faith.  Believe.  Pray believing.  Apply expectation of results.  Dare to launch into the story of your day with confidence that God is present and willing to activate a quite fascinating world of wonder.

Hope is in the air.  Jesus is no longer in the grave.  May we have the courage to live from that proposition.

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