Friday, February 12, 2016


The Christian movement is stuck.  The need for us to open up to God and to people is in desperation mode...right now.  The Good News of God is still very much a refreshing message of hope and wonder.  Yet, we as individuals who have the freedom to think on our own have taken the most liberating message of all history and reduced it to our size; small.

The church is stuck.  Oh, it isn't that we don't get to do marvelous things.  It isn't that no one ever believes past the human management for so many do.  However, the over-all fabric of the Christian momentum is shackled in shyness, fear, and even arrogance.

It doesn't take Rocket Science to influence this earth-turf called the human existence. It takes a very basic element; love.  The deep love of God and the enduring love for others remains the fundamental call of God and the impacting nature of neighbor for neighbor.

There is a most unstuckilistic need among us.  That is to go against the grain of human nature and live our lives for the benefit of others.  The "others" is the challenge for anyone can love those who love them back.  The catch of Christianity is to love those who can't stand us, who deplore us, and who do much to attack the nature of Jesus.

It is from the Cross that we are to die; not from the pew that we are to espouse our religious favoritisms.  It is from the ditches that we will find the hurting.  It is from the depressionists that we can offer the rich impression of hope.

Come loose, my friend.  Dare to see others.  Whether in tattered dress or rented tux, every person is a valuable heartbeat of God.  He reached to us/them.  It is our call to see that everyone in the world gets to hear.

Don't mumble.  Don't speak as if into a bucket where no one can hear.  Let your voice be heard as light coming from atop a hill.

It isn't that the world is growing dark.  It is that the church has gone far to silent with its responsible words of hope.  May we be testimonies of walking forgiveness from God that others might be drawn in.

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