Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Wonderful people want to know God.  We must assume such about every person we know.  Whether their talk and their walk would indicate such, very dear people have deep and private concerns about whether this God-stuff is true.

Those like me, church-goers and such, must ever be aware that there is a strong possibility that our neighbors and colleagues would like to know God; but they don't know how to interpret our church obsession.  We must be sensitive for at times we come off holier-than-Thou when, in reality, we are truly in this for the forgiveness/start-life-over factor ourselves.

We don't think so, but others may likely believe we've got life all figured out.  We don't.  Friends might assume that we've quit sinning; got a grip on it, and now live squeaky clean.  Wrong.  Indeed, we do try to move through our days in stronger faith.  Yet, if the blood of Jesus doesn't cover us, we are all sunk.

People, very good people, want to know God.  We will do well to understand their apprehension for we must not forget our own tender thoughts in days past.  For any of us who imply that we have arrived; shame on us.  No one gets through if Jesus didn't pay for our tickets.

People want to know God.  Maybe if they could see we are real instead of plastic or cardboard they could begin to let down their defenses in order to discover a new life....just as we have.

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