Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I love right now.  We have the Democrat Debates.  We have the Republican Debates.  I watch both as if it were baseball season.  I hate to see them end....really.

Because I am a leader of people and very much a people person, I enjoy studying these whose calling seem to be inclined toward connecting with people via political viewpoints.  It's much more than gathering votes; but eventually being of skillful talent to pull our nation into jointly effective productivity.

There's a thing that I see--am sure you do as well--among these candidates that causes significant concern.  These quite professional individuals' very call in life is to live among the masses in a leadership role that will require incredible depth of other-interest and patience.  These will encounter perpetual mountains of inner testing as to endurance.

It.  Will.  Not.  Be.  Easy.

In listening to the powerful debates, there seems that many possess a very short fuse. Tempers don't really flare; but they do seem to be a bit ruffled around the edges.  If these become animatedly frustrated over a debate, what are we to believe regarding their future approach to say Putin or to Iran?

Sighing?  Cramming back sharp retorts?  Torqued?

While it is the season to be political...and I really enjoy the season...I want to point out to us that we are day by day on the stage of debate.  How do we handle the clunky clerk at the store who can't get the change returned correctly?  Or, the driver who cuts in? Or, the spouse who doesn't understand...for the third time?

Yes, the political temperament is a reflection of society; even of the church.  It is not okay to be impatient...or snarly...or rude...or sharp-tongued.  It isn't acceptable in church and neither is it alright in the general public.  Leaders are leaders when we can walk through the fire while very genuinely interested in the welfare of even our opponents.

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T Lewis said...

Good read. I too am immersed in the political machine. As a (self proclaimed) student of history, I find it amazing how we have gone through so much divisiveness and yet continue to act at the lamp on the hill for the rest of the world. I do fear however that in the past there was (most) always agreement in the end that we all answered to a higher power and most politicians would base their arguments on that principal. But now I see a world corrupted by selfishness which fuels hatred. As we move away from God, we see the world only by our own lust. On the right, I hear people ready to take up arms against other Americans, While on the left Its ok to steal as long as its done by big brother. I know that love is the answer, but how do we spread love without giving up our convictions? Especially, when you are talking to a wall with a big "(Explative) You" on it? I know Christians could fix the problem, but as our numbers diminish, that possibility lessens by the year. But Christians, seem to have laid over and given up on the process, and with all the labels thrown at us, I understand why. I want to have positive thought, and I know we have had worse times, but it seems we are heading down the same path, just over different issues. However this time, both sides are leaving God out of the equation unless it furthers some cause. Am I right to have such concern for our future? Before, we had revivals that fixed this problem. I do not see that happening without Christians taking a beating they do not seem to be willing to take.