Thursday, February 04, 2016


Faith.  Hope.  Love.  These three are Bible biggies.

Yet, significant irony transpires.  There is nothing greater on earth that the church has to offer in our attitudes and behaviors.  To the church, to the very entity of Christian values, these three can become mere yawners while we are in the hunt for greater detail and insight into church theologies.

But the emphasis upon these three?  We've heard it.  We've studied it.  We know it. The challenge is for us to be able to walk it.

Faith, hope, and love are the vital signs of life within each of us.  These are the driving, never-giving-up, forces that help us conquer indifference as well as mediocrity.  We are in need of this supply.  The world is in trouble because of this lack among us.

The archenemy to faith is doubt, to hope is condemnation, and to love is fear.  Doubt, condemnation, and fear are like Mafia Bosses to the inner spirit.  We find opposition to the driving force of the kingdom waging war with The Bosses.  The battle goes on invisibly within our hearts.

Believe me, it is a fierce engagement of tactical maneuvers.  The Bosses are pushy. They seem to bully their way into our dreams, our plans, and our activities.  But they must not be allowed to either preside or vote.

Faith, hope, and love....these three will conquer not only the world...they will devastate a very bad day.

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