Friday, February 05, 2016


One will never understand anything about people until we first realize what an absolute mess self is.  This major point seems to very handily get by us.  The opposite seems to be truer.  If others would be like me, this world would be better off.

The most glaring doctrinal error in any church/every church is that of sensing how wrong others are without a hint of the fact that we ourselves have flaws which are so enormous we should never point an accusing finger toward another.

This is, in reality, what Jesus consistently taught.  Yet, we somehow believe we have mastered the Master's directives and need them no more.

Wrong.  Error.  Mistaken conclusion.

The opposite is true.  Individually we are so desperately flawed it took the perfect, ideal Son of God to be executed in order to give us any hope.  Do you get that?

Any.  Hope.

When you see the error of another's ways, this doesn't mean your evaluation is mistaken.  But if you reach a point of criticism, believing yourself to be less guilty, you are committing the larger sin.  No one is exempt from needing the blood of Jesus....because we are all that sinful.

"All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

To live in criticism of anyone is a very big mistake.

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cherylk said...

100% AMEN!