Wednesday, February 03, 2016


One of the challenges of trying to live a life in the Spirit of God is that our hearts play such a major role in the process.  Emotions can play havoc on our days; yet they are a central force in our walk.

Jesus was often presenting the value, as well as impact, of the heart.  The flesh, however, deeply desires that such is to be overridden by the detailed argument of the mind.  The mind is quite significant.  It is persuaded however by the heart.

When the heart fears the mind wavers.  When the heart is secure, even the most challenging moments are courageously taken to task because of emotions like confidence or trust.  Thus, the reason that belief includes the heart.  It determines whether we shall pursue or wither.

Jesus stated that one is to have faith in God.  He illustrated it from a matter of what the heart thinks.  "Whoever says to this mountain, 'Be taken up and cast into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it shall be granted him."  Does not doubt due to his talent?  Or due to his mind?  Or due to his reputation?

The heart is the key factor to moving the very heavy obstacles in our way.  Jesus is not teaching that one should go through life rearranging waterways, pastures, and landscape.  He is taking the largest, heaviest entity we know and saying that a convicted heart can move mountains.

At times it can be said of an athlete that he or she lost because their heart wasn't in it.  Their muscles were in it.  Their understanding of the rules was in it.  Even their grasp of the assigned task was without uncertainty.  But....they lost because their heart just wasn't in it.

This is what I see with too many who seem to imply by their actions that they are not serious about their faith.  Attendance is in it.  These may even flip a few coins into the collection plate or possibly volunteer to manage a booth at the children's event.  Yet, when these serve from duty and not from the abiding love which comes from the heart it is a very deadening process.

We are to believe with our hearts.  Convince the heart and one is all in.  Go into an effort without such an inner conviction and eventual complaining and quitting will be sure to follow.  Too many are in church as long as they like it; like the preaching, like the music, like the location, etc.  But if the heart is not foundational, a reason will arise to cause us to flat walk away.

Believe...not with our proof texts nor with our rote answers...but believe to the extent that we really do believe what the kingdom system is all about; authentic, realistic, and ultra-alive.

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