Friday, January 22, 2016


The Whether Report is a daily experience.  We find it to be good or not so much.  Our lives are not dependent upon the reports; but rather on how we set our sails.

It doesn't matter where one lives, nor does it make a difference regarding age, fascination is available to every  This emotion has nothing to do with breaks--good or bad--but with mindset.  Mindset is a selection; a choice.

Life is not forced upon us.  Indeed, injury and disappointment curtail; even rob.  It isn't whether bad things happen for they everyone.  The Whether Report is dependent upon one's choice to celebrate or to bemoan.  It is not dependent upon circumstance nor personality.

I noted a very encouraging truth today; new seems to reign.  How long has man occupied earth?  (Well, Terry, you are just so incredibly deep!!!)  My point is that new reigns.  I saw an ad yesterday of the 2016 Chevy pickups.  Automobiles escalate in new.

Even if one is a fan of a '56 Chevy, as am I, no one owns one and leaves it the way it was. The owner will upgrade the headliner, go over the motor (like with new plugs?), etc. to make a valuable antique of a car....look like it just came off of the showroom floor.  New dominates.

Antique collectors, as am I, take wonderful old relics and labor intensely to make them

From whence does this drive come?  It is the nature of Father.  He is creative.  The Bible speaks of us being new everyday.  At my age my body doesn't feel exactly pristine.  However, my inner me is newer today than yesterday just as Two Corinthians 4:16 insists.

The Whether Report is always good news to every reader.  We have every reason to do more than make it through our day.  We believe the Whether Report gives us room to allow the Creator room to do His stuff.

We shall be more than positive.  We will fully expect that regardless of input and information, we will be determined to note the new which will arise from every routine moment.

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