Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Everyone loves (even treasures) a positive feel-good day.  Those who believe God and walk with God sense that even the rough spots are to be valued.  This is a fundamental difference between belief and un.

As one scans the Bible there is a strong mixture of upset and reward, suffering and celebration, even death and life.  Followers do not find themselves exempt from stress and strain of even the extreme nature.

So if there is no difference in the kinds of days, why bother believing in God?

Explanation and discussion will be eternal.  One of the ideas dear to my heart is that each twist and turn of life is never our boss as to our moods nor attitudes.  We are free to choose to live independent days of great wonder simply because we know that God runs this show.

Our lives are not based upon whether one gets the job, signs the contract, or wins the lottery.  Nothing...absolutely nothing...deters a believer in God from having a wonder-filled life.  Nothing.

Some great contributors to society are found to have capitalized on their time spent in concentration camps while others offer us very little from their plush abode in high-rise luxury.  The location, the elevation, the good breaks or bad have little to do with whether we might live in wonder.

Wonder isn't a state of mind.  It is a fact.  I spent far too many days bemoaning me.  I rehearsed all of my many gigantic, obvious-to-all, flaws.  I bathed them in thought and lined them up late at night so that I could wear them as my start to the new day. Miserable and negative, there seemed to be no wonder because someone else always got to it first.

Silver spoons?  I seemed to have none.  But short straws?  Oh, a drawer full.

God changes all of this.  This isn't pretense or psych-up.  For every person wonder reigns independently of circumstance or relationship.  Life depends on no one else; not their behavior nor their deed.  Life...wonder-filled life...takes place in our own hearts and minds completely independent upon anything beyond our power-packed relationship with the Master.

Today....take a good look.  Blessings abound; even and especially in the center of moments which might tempt you to believe otherwise.

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