Thursday, December 03, 2015


The mass shooting at San Bernardino sinks our hearts and raises the bar of concern. From East Coast through America's Heartland and on now on to the West, enormous stress mounts as to the apparent unstable society in which we now live.

We are surprised at how we are no longer surprised.

From a few of the politicians and on through the ranks of some of the television news pundits, words of accusation and guestimation without facts alarm and divide.  While the slaughter of the masses causes adequate outrage, the dividing of good people has multiplied.

Listen to our daily chatter.  The division is so routine.  Husbands vs. wives.  Parents vs. children.  Men vs. women.  Democrats vs. Republicans.  Laborers vs. unemployed. Blacks vs. whites vs. browns.  Baptists vs. Church of Christ vs. Lutherans, must be added to this divisive turbulence.  It seems we can't catch a break.  Or...could we?

What shall we to do; are we to do?  Where do we begin?  What would work to develop a cohesive spirit among men, women, and children who differ on oh so many matters? Can unity take effect?

You know I'm headed for God as the answer.  Yet, I must.  For He is the Creator of life and life abundant.  Everyone wants in on it; but we insist upon shooting ourselves in the foot.  This would explain why society walks around crippled.

Consider that mankind takes sides because of one central thread as to who it is that is right.  All divisions believe they possess THE ANSWER to such matters.  And it is here that we may find our solution.

Each of us possesses a glaring error.  We are not right...ever...on our own.  All parties possess some truths and equal falsehoods.  No exception.  And how is it that I know this?  Because of God speaking up ages ago.  He (God) made Him (Jesus) who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God.  Man is so deeply off-base to the point that Jesus has to take on our discrepancies on the Cross in order that we could be appear right in the sight of God.

Wouldn't humanity look very different if we could drop our squint-eyed huff-cusations of another and take a gander at our own very personal lack first? For me, this would mean taking the plank from my own eye which would insist that I admit I have one.  I'm so able to cut others down (even block them) so that I can appear the stronger, the more efficient, the....more.

Do others deserve blame.  I believe so.  But the cure to their misdeeds will begin when we each admit our own.  There is enormous stress on humanity right now...and there is a possible solution.

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