Friday, December 04, 2015


Every seems that every day we experience both extremes; joy and sorrow. Birth and death would be two strong examples. We do our best to navigate through this high/low-point terrain.  At times we do well.  And then we have our moments, don't we?

It is possible (note that I did not say it is easy) to block those things or words which would tempt to talk us off of the tower filled with happiness.  If not guarded, we will actually live our lives being pushed and pulled by many entities other than our own convictions.  Such is clearly robbery by negative gangsters within our own heads.

The more I study and the longer I live I note that we sometimes tend to set aside faith; a movement that changes our world, our path, our circumstances.  To know that we do not have to live in the depression of so many things going wrong would surely set us on a new course.

We are wired by God to acquire and develop a spiritual factor which defies the way things are because believing sees past the visual obstacles and into the invisible possibles.  Hebrews 11 is given to you and to me to keep such assurance close in heart.

You are created in the image of God.  Try to refrain from permitting negative circumstances and negative individuals to run your show.  These don't own you...unless you give them permission.  Neither do they represent the true you. Each is an impostor posing as chief-of-everything-necessary police.  Neither are.

You have the power from the tower of joy to call the shots.  You do.  Avoid handing over the reigns of your inner peace to your critics.  You, by faith, determine direction of hope and of life and of love.  See the sheer wonder of now.  Don't waste it on the frowny and the scowly.

Be enjoy....the joy of now!

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