Saturday, November 28, 2015


We live in a very sticky world order.  All of us are involved.  None can declare free-space.

For the purpose of this post, I will say that there are at least four variations of good people as to how they/we view the concept of God:
  1. Those who realize our own sins first and live gratefully for God's move of Jesus dying on the Cross.
  2. Those who are given to church attendance in order to salve our consciences; but Jesus is simply not truly on our radar.  Religion is.  As a result proper doctrine seems to have become god.
  3. Those who aren't inclined toward God; but have private and serious questions as to the possibility that there may be an order of faith that could be quite legitimate.  These have warm hearts toward God; yet may be faked out by noticing that Christians who are in church all of the time still sin.  (Yes, that's why we are in the church.  We couldn't save ourselves.)
  4. Those who have no interest nor time for such foolishness.
Not only do I get all four; I've been all four.  God isn't a whim.  Neither is He hiding.  As I continue to learn about Him, I become increasingly sensitive to the very wonderful people who just aren't sure about what to think about this entire range to be considered.  

Is there really a God?  If so how does one know?  Where will we find Him?  Know Him?

My very simple response today is;
  1. Yes, God is real
  2. No, He's not ignorant of Bible-professing followers who are just as sinful as the next guy.
  3. Yes, His Son died on the Cross so that people like us wouldn't have to pay the price ourselves.  Jesus paid the bill for our damages.
  4. No, no one goes to Heaven on the basis of how good we are; church-wise or not.
  5. Yes, everyone will finally reach a point in life where we can't carry our own load anymore.  It just gets too heavy.
  6. Yes, God is sympathetic.  He created us.  He sees the bind we are in.  And He gives us perfect hope because He has footed the bill.
If you see yourself in one of the above categories, you may note that some in the other ranges oppose your perspective.  The day will come when all who have ever lived will voluntarily and openly admit that Jesus is the Son of God.  In the meantime we have every reason (and obligation) to be patient with one another as we try to grasp this immeasurable concept called Life in the Kingdom of God.

Be open to God.  He will show you as He will open ideas to you.  He cares; even when we have our doubts.  We are in this together...growing toward Him.

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