Friday, November 27, 2015


All are subject to interferences.  Whether a person, a circumstance, or the weather, each of us spends time in the tough-to-tame territories of frustration and distortion of plans.  We've had it up to here!

So?  So we can either quit or continue.  We can complain or grow.  We can be negative or we can search as to how a particular moment may be lined with productivity.

Faith is able to see what isn't...yet.  It is capable and able to see past the barriers.  God is in the business of doing with, for, and through people....what can't possibly be done. We are to reside on this fantastic course.

Waters too high, Kings too mean, graves too permanent, jails too sturdy, God has a way of disproving these and more as threats.  We are called to know Him and, therefore, believe past the barriers.

Religion, if abused, can be a mere crutch.  Faith in the living God is much different. Believing Him changes the landscape and the rules of order.  Even death folds as it loses its assumed conclusive grip.  So be of good cheer.

Live beyond the barriers and launch excitedly into the world of marvel; that land of the unhindered God!!

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