Sunday, November 29, 2015


Today marks the closing of the facility of the Garnett Church of Christ in Tulsa.

It does not represent THE END.

Today merely turns the page of the wonderful and eternally perpetual Garnett story. Due to the combination of the Spirit of God coupled with hearty believers, this gigantic thread to life will continue to unfold with steadfast impact.

I salute Marvin Phillips, Randy Moody, Wade Hodges, and Greg Taylor for being a part of the leadership over the lifespan of this robust congregation.  I have been richly blessed.  Nations of God-followers owe much to the inspiring dynamics of this congregation.

Anticipation OF A STRONG NEW BEGINNING is validated by the steadfast love of God as to the new and exciting chapter for this group of believers.

Congratulations Garnett!  You will always live in my heart for you have provided joy and hope to thousands all over the world....and such Spirit impact will never end!!

I love you....intensely!!  I watch with unquestionable certainty for the very strong matters of the Spirit God will choose to deliver throughout your powerful future!! BEGIN STRONG!!

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