Thursday, October 29, 2015


Let's get real.  Is there really a need for Christianity anymore?  Or, has this system ridden the rails so very long that it no longer reflects direction or meaning?  Are our communities uselessly expending human energy to keep the church organization afloat via a few transfers and conversions here and there?

Would it be fairly accurate to say that those sitting in churches are no different than those who never attend?  Is the charge of hypocrisy sticking; thus the throwing up of our arms in disgust?  Why should anyone want to be a Christian?

The "better than" doctrine assumed by the Christian world is finally coming back to bite us...big time.  Neighbors are sick of us with our parading pseudo-holiness that has no curtains.  We are easily perceived as fake.  The charges are strong.  The violations are blatant.

So, why should anyone want to be a Christian?  It's just so easy to toss out verbal emptiness of I can be a Christian at the golf course.  But there is a profound truth being overlooked by these excusers.  Jesus died to make us right with God because we could not get right on our own.

To be a Christ-ian is to admit our flaws; not deny them.  To be a Christ-ian is to proclaim to the world that we realize our sheer lack of holiness.  We could not muster such on our own goodness; but oh how we've tried.

The reason anyone would want to be a Christian is because we finally realize we cannot save ourselves by our own goodness, our own sacrificial giving, nor our own striving to improve.  We are too far gone to pull ourselves up.  Only Jesus can do it because he took on all of our sins on the cross.

Go ahead.  Have a heyday mocking certain Christians.  Point to our lack, our ignorance, even our sin.  But you need to have a more defining perspective as to why we believe in Jesus.  We found ourselves inadequate to handle the sin-charge.  Only he can cover our sins.  Only he has arisen from the grave to prove it.

Why should anyone want to be a Christian?  Because there is no other means by which one can have legitimate hope of pleasing God.

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