Friday, October 30, 2015


Some days fare pretty well for all of us.  Some days, though?  Not so much.  I've spent too many days in my past faked out by the bad and negative and hurt-feelings scenarios.  These can pester us into submission if not informed as to how to offer productive redirection.

My earlier days found me retreating via an inward and withdrawn pouting.  Within this zone I could not only take refuge, I could tell the world my mind, of course.

So what shall we do with those bad days; those annoying, injurious, and dreaded moments of pain and anguish; of irritation and frustration?    Well, for one, we will not waste them.  We will, instead, find ways to redirect them to serve us rather than pull us under.

Crappy days can either stink up the place or be used for fertilizer to make our fields even greener and more productive.  One seems to be a curse while the very same substance can prove to advantage our situations.

It isn't that some have it rough and others don't.  No.  The difference is determined in the use of this product.  We can either shut down because of the odor or we can lighten up because of even the greater hope.

Even regarding this article, some will be encouraged by the possibility of new direction while others will be miffed because I used the word fertilizer.  We have a choice. Spend it productively.

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