Sunday, October 18, 2015


Guilt is not often on one's Bucket List.  Maybe I should say, Never!  The reasons could be many; one being that with such abundant supply one doesn't have to wait to experience it.

Personal guilt is not a goal anyone wishes to attain.  Quite the reverse; we desperately wish to shed even its shadow.  Yet, there is profound and monumental value buried within this dark hole.

Personal guilt forces us to back off from our vain accusations toward others. Christianity is suffering a slow death where judgment of others is the routine of one's day.  And, my friend, it is very routine.

Contrary to how some might feel about this, backing off of targeting others about their sins does not mean we have gone soft on sin.  No.  It means we've gone hard on our own.

If we who wish to evangelize the entire world are ever going to gain serious footing in the realm of effective outreach, it will not be first found in raising funds, developing tactics, nor doing effective research.  None of these.  It will be because we first take a good look at ourselves, drop our ego-accusations toward brothers and sisters, and admit that our personal sin nailed the perfect Son to the most ugly Cross.

What I like about personal guilt is that it reminds me to dismount from my church high-horse.

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