Friday, October 16, 2015


Fear can be like cholesterol; there's the good and, too, there's the bad.  What is there about threatening, intimidating fear that would have any value?  Oh, so much!

Fear awakens us to our complete inadequacy.  This is ultra-important for, otherwise, we will assume ourselves independent; not in need of God nor of others.  This discouraging factor reminds us of how much we need assistance.  Our Lone Ranger mode will not pass the tests for eventually we are overwhelmed.

What I like personally about fear is that just about the time I begin to think I've got a handle on life, fear puts me in my place as quickly as any factor.  Fear serves papers which states that failure lurks and we better have something Larger-Than-Life leading the way into this battle of whatever moment.

I guess what I like best about fear is that it serves as a trigger-point to prompt me to remove my eyes from the lower fret to heights of the higher blessings.  Regardless of how lonely one feels or how miserable one is, fear simply loses impact when we are reminded that Jesus obliterated the greatest display it thought it possessed; that of finalizing death.

What I like about fear?  It lost.

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