Tuesday, October 20, 2015


As much as we should be used to being a person, it seems that we don't.  Yes, celebrations abound.  But so do challenges to the heart.  It is a struggle being a person.

We are not robots.  We have ideas, directions, feelings; oh, and did I mention feelings? Colliding feelings toward others can conclude in much damage at the intersections of MyWay and TheHighway.  It seems that life unfolds with much consternation as a result of the shear strain of personal conflict.

It isn't easy being us, is it?  Sometimes not; yet we are worth the endurance!

Be encouraged.  So often in our daily routine we don't get things right.  At times some don't treat us right.  We live in the midst of the fallen; the gripey, crotchety, angry, and the moody.  Not so strangely, it isn't just them; but it can be verified it also includes us.

The shear strain of being a person can take its toll.  But I cheer you on that you are a powerful dynamo led by the Spirit and backed by God to make a faithful positive difference for others...and for yourself.

Our lives are filled with glitches--theirs, ours, mine.  I would encourage us to focus more upon supporting one another than complaining.  Our days are loaded with personal flaws.  We will get over them.  We will be victorious because we have a Hero who makes us victorious.  He paid our debts.  Live abundantly.

Admittedly, sometimes we just get things wrong...like the wrong use of shear which should be sheer.  

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