Saturday, October 24, 2015


Her sister claimed that Martha was busy with so many things when only one really mattered.  The what mattered was sitting, listening, being, acknowledging Jesus in their midst.

Little has changed since that Luke 10 text was transmitted for the entire world to view. It seems that as modernity rolls in, Marthanitis accompanies it.  The church God is building through His Son Jesus is hamstrung with the age-old fatiguity of being attentive to so many things.  These many things have evolved into little gods themselves.

From the talent of the speaker, to the Sound of Music, to the programs available, to the attraction for children, to the style, to the decor, to the timing, to the location, to the atmosphere, to the mission, to the version, we are assaulted by distraction from engaging with the Master.  Replacements have bullied their way into the God-system under the umbrella of personal preference.

As leaders we must become acutely aware of such distraction which erodes development of the Spirit among us.  We must fight off the envy and the lust to be someone else some place else.  Our God can, does, and will use variations of people and settings to fulfill His will.

Wherever we are and whoever we are, when Jesus is our centerpiece, the track is right and the mission is secure.  In this zone, therefore, we are in the greener pasture regardless of where and how others find release to serve.

Chronic Marthanitis misses the beauty of the moment; it always has and it always will. When constantly striving for more, we must be on total alert lest we find ourselves full of ambition while empty of a Savior who provides the ultimate in purpose and meaning.

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