Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Urggh!  People!  Some people...anyway!

What is one to do when disgusting people live in our midst?  How they bug us with their attitudes, their biases, their moods, and, oh yes, their sins.  How shall we handle "them"?

The way we handle "them" is to realize we are far worse.  Really.

When the log is taken from our own eye a log is never seen in any other's eye.  It will always be a speck.

And we....we ordinary commoners are perpetually subject to the MRI of finding that we have labored intensely to clean the outside of the cup while the inside is full of crud and dead men's bones.

Yes, "they" do have their sheer weaknesses.  But Jesus is quite frank when he insists that no one else is as blind to the reality of personal sin like we are.  We have mastered avoidance of our own guilt to the point we give it zero thought.

When you believe you have had all that you can take of the missteps of others, it would be time to reevaluate.  Oh how we tend to excuse and explain our own failures while harping with squint-eyed judgment toward anyone other than self.

Always, when loaded with criticism of another, think again....inwardly.  At this point you will drop your accusations and begin a trek of eye-surgery to remove the one place that wields the blind-to-the value-of-others log.

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