Tuesday, September 29, 2015


If not careful, faith will be grandly verbalized and yet casually used.  We are to walk by faith; not just talk by faith.  Operating by the invisible?  I know of nothing more challenging.

Believing brings things into existence that aren't yet.  This is weird.  This, as well, is magnificently awesome.

Too often we simply give up on life, on people, on ourselves.  What we need is push-back.  Not the fist-fighting aggression; but the not-giving-up determination. Surrender is to be to God; not to difficulties.

Faith is the element that will transform relationships.  New days dawn because we pushed back against the tyranny of depression.  We are to believe in more than a believing system.  We are to possess an assurance that God is alive and functioning among/within us.

Anybody can determine the misfortune of words and/or actions.  Spotting negativity takes no talent.  To believe that people and circumstances can majestically change? That's the guts of faith!

Walk by faith that things that you can't see can become.  Anyone can operate from the lower life of what we see and the human reasoning that accompanies it.  Faith, however, has a secret imagination and conviction that actually breathes life, new life, into dead situations.

Try it.  You'll like it.

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