Thursday, September 24, 2015


There is this thing about humanity that is under attack by dark forces; spiritually dark forces.  We are naive.  Even those who work at developing faith honestly have doubts about such opposition.

As much as we discuss the topic of faith there is a basic flushing of the spiritual toilet when it comes to one certain topic.  Of course the unbelieving world hops on this bus.

I speak of giving.

Have you ever wondered why this is such an extreme rub?  Why is that believers fundamentally join forces with unbelievers over this matter.  The truth is that we struggle to believe that if we give we will receive.  Honestly, we are just not sure if God can keep His promise.

Yes.  Man has taken over the wheel when it comes to giving to God.  We would rather self-provide.  We are, in saying to ourselves, managers.  We are responsible.  We convince ourselves that we can handle this; we know better than God.  Too, we explain to ourselves why denying Him is the right thing for now.

But I say to us that our faith is severely tested on this court.  Money or God?

I have really struggled in this area because I want to keep.  The Bible teaches otherwise.  It is clear that we will trust in One or the other; not both.

So here I am again facing this year's church budget which requires me to commit my increase.  EVERY year I am strongly tempted to stay pat.  But there's something about this Kingdom of God that won't let me sit on my current level of participating in the greatest exchange; cash for grace.

I can't get anything done on my own.  I'm too stupid, too ignorant, too disqualified.  His grace....His marvelous grace is what makes me/us tick.  Nothing else.  Nothing....

I urge you to give 'til you risk.  You can't calculate grace; that element of His action in our walk.  Should you feel touchy about this topic, it is no accident.  This is the war for all minds because faith is genuinely trying to break through.

Succeed.  Do what you can to win this war.

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