Thursday, October 01, 2015


Jesus is the Savior of the world.  He is our hope.  He is our strength; our life.

To follow him has somehow, over the years, been redefined to joining a church and being considerate to a neighbor when we can.  Coupled with such a calling it can be noticed, too, that taking up our cross has unraveled; either somewhat or greatly.

Instead, demanding our personal comfort plays a bigger role than possibly any of us can imagine.

The masked blessing is that somehow a tremendous strength in the Kingdom of God remains front and center; that of suffering.  Struggle is a life-providing factor. Resistance, as in weights at the gym, are not hindrances; but rather are health inducers.  We must continually perceive interruption and interference as deeply meaningful.

Therefore, I do not speak of poor me-ism.  I do address the inherent nature of the simplest faith-walk of dying for others that they might come to life.  This dying to self has been/is being regarded more like torture; not blessing.  Thus, it is being greatly masked from the sheer power dynamic intended by our God.

When the Word calls us to serve Him it is consistently couched in the strength of resurrection power; II Cor. 1:9, II Cor. 13:4, and Phil. 3:10.  This blessing of power beyond imagination is being masked by an innate fear.  We don't like discomfort.

We will want to evaluate our approach to God's liveliest system on earth.  This may seem weird.  It can feel all wrong.  But to give up our lives that others may come to life is not only rewarding, it really is effective and fulfilling.

Unmask the blessing.  Sacrifice that others have a good day!

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