Tuesday, September 15, 2015


For a society to believe in an invisible entity known as God seems to be a rather risky proposition; if not completely absurd.  To be honest, multitudes don't buy it.  I get it. Yet, multitudes do.  I get that one, too.

Explaining belief in God is surely a challenge because the entire concept is cryptic and spelled M.Y.S.T.E.R.Y.  For those who struggle to believe I would want you to hear of my empathy.  Even we who believe struggle to believe.

Faith is not a silly walk in the park whim because we feel good about a moment.  It has a much deeper and wider dimension.  Faith is attentive and concentrated labor in the realm of the unseen.  This, of course, sets us up for both ridicule and even slander.

Believing in God is a yielding to Him with an invisible intensity that calls for more than the handy mechanisms of mood swings.  Faith assures us that things which aren't yet can come about while being certain that the unseen realm of reality is a prominent part of our existence.

Believing in God is much more than a gambling whirl of the wheel hoping the spinner stops on Heaven.  It is absolute hope based upon what we already see with our earth-eyes like planted seed arising to become much more in beauty and value.  Whether an ear of corn or a daisy, the life we see is a result of death to a seed.  That be us!

Believing in God says that death isn't the end; but is surely a new beginning.  Yet, there's more.

We tend to make Him out to be the good stuff which is to happen beyond the cemetery. But to be born again is to take life now and watch God make something of it; of us. Some believe life can be better..now.  Others believe not.

Don't you think it odd that so often life goes according to one's belief?

Believing in God is our deepest challenge.  Is He or isn't He?  The answer will only come by faith.  Either conclusion--does exist/doesn't exist--will be formed by the invisible process of believing.

Believing in God means that He has the ability to live within us and produce a life that we cannot possibly coerce on our own.  He is an entirely new and unexplainable power given to men and women who choose to believe that He is more than true; He is life...now.

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