Wednesday, September 16, 2015


We are living in excessive measures of something that seems to be too much.  What is it exactly?

Over-working?  Over-thinking?  Over-eating?

Of course I'm headed for something to support my thought for the day.  So here goes.

I raise important questions:
  • Are we over-saturated with incoming information?
  • Are we losing contact with community because we are in such enormous contact?
  • Have we lost touch with people because we have so many tools with which to connect with them?
What's weird is that my posting may be distracting you from something.  Not necessarily; but possibly?

I've known (and said) for a long time now that some of our most meaningful work is found within the realm of interruption.  Yet, I want to ponder the other side of that coin questioning whether steady disruption negates some of our well-intended efforts.

This post is not a complaint.  I love people.  We love people.  I'm merely asking us to consider ways to calm our hyper-active pace; perhaps weigh whether we need to streamline it into a more productive pace.  As much as we feel the pressure to say Y-E-S to others it may be a crucial turning point if we could learn to equally say N-O.  

I know Mary found herself criticized by her sister Martha for being a perceived slackard.  And wouldn't you know Martha (upon her brother's death) declared Jesus to be in the same camp as her sister?

I marvel...still...really...marvel at Jesus.  He had a way of being true to the Spirit within.  He could say yes...and no.  He could agree...and disagree.  There was a cool 'n' calm about him that, to me, goes unmatched.  

Jesus must have understood the pace of life a bit better than me.  Clearly he possessed an aggressive calm that effectively aided in sorting the need to be attentive without the crazy pace of fret.  He knew how to let each YES and NO stand on their own.  I need that...still.

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