Thursday, September 17, 2015


How often we feel that we are possibly overrun by some sort of out-of-control weeds of life?  Have our spirits been overwhelmed by accumulating and pressing demands? Would it help if Congress would pass a measure that would give us an 8th day for our week, a fifth week for our month, and a 13th month for our year?

Humanity is laden with complication.  There, too, seems to be a simple reason.

Authors Thom S. Rainer and Eric Geiger relate the following:
     We drift toward complexity.  We drift away from mission.  The two are related. When you are complex, you tend to be inward.....At the same time, when you drift off mission you will naturally become complex and complicated.  Something will dominate your time if the mission of God does not dominate your heart.

We are making wonderful life way too hard.  Reasons vary.  But we must not dismiss the probability that we bring it on ourselves.

A good response is to live outwardly rather than inwardly.  The constant inward evaluation breeds complexity.  Thinking of others and how to assist them seems to clear the air we breathe.  This might give us clarity for the human heart.

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