Sunday, September 13, 2015


Life is a challenge.  We tend to live for the ups while fending of the pestering downs. How shall we ever make significant progress against this rising tide that pounds into our hearts that we are not enough?

It seems the solution, once again, is found in the life of the Son of God.  He took the accusations and the punishment.  He absorbed enemy sins (including yours/mine). And then he died in public shame.

And then he came back to life.  I said, AND THEN HE CAME BACK TO LIFE!  (I thought we had become a little bit immune to such a fantastic truth.)

Personal satisfaction is solved (and claimed) when we shrink in order that God might be given glory.  We become less; He becomes more visible within us.  Our struggle for effectiveness has not been due to some one or some thing.  Dissatisfaction has always been the root cause when we balk at the call to decrease that He might increase.

Dear reader, I root for you.  You are a valued child of God.  And you are my friend.  I want you to feel good--no, great--about who you are and who you GET to be.  Be encouraged to give yourself away that you may find abundant life.  Jesus has taught this from day one.

What we sow comes back.  Friendship...comin' at ya.  Understanding?  That, too. Attention?  What we sow and water is what God raises as a crop to bless us.  The reverse is just as true.  Sow no sympathy.  Plant no compassion.  Give no concern for others.  What you get is nothing (because there was a failure to plant); no sympathy, no compassion, and no concern for you.

Personal satisfaction comes by caring outwardly for others.  God will, then, see that our attention toward others will come back to bless abundance.  It's called caring for one another.

These me first generations aren't experiencing a very rich life.  Simultaneously, the others first folk are thriving in happiness.  Not only that, but the contentment provided from above is a treasured commodity.  Personal satisfaction is embedded in the effort to give ourselves away that others be strengthened and assured that they are most valued.

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