Saturday, September 05, 2015


You blind guides, who strain at a gnat and swallow a camel!

Religions (plural) seem to have an innate drive to hone in on the tedious.  Christianity joins the ranks.  It seems to be such irony that the more tedious and narrow the more ego develops as to doing faith correctly.  This was the demise of the Pharisees.  The plague continues.

It is a given that Jesus faced this contagion head-on.  He argued with the narrow and quite devoted legalists and was eventually executed because of their plotting mindset. It is this one, Jesus, that sets the course for developing faith.

All who follow must be on guard lest we follow the path of his executioners rather than him.  That we might slip into church rules and regulations over life and love is paramount.  We are called to walk a very risky trail.

A brochure came yesterday with headlines, GOSPEL MEETING.  In addition to dates and location, there is this admonition, For more than 60 years Brother ---- has advocated that there should be one drinking vessel containing the fruit of the vine used in the observance of the Lord's supper.  On Friday night he will speak on this important subject.  We extend a very kind and cordial invitation to be with us to hear his presentation.

For most of my readers, you don't even know what this is about.  And, I'm not telling you.  I will say it is steeped with small thinking coupled with fear.

My question for us is, what is there in our religious fabric that pushes the grand glory of God aside for our religious habitry?  What do we do in our devotion to our church's doctrine that not only keeps the lost from being introduced to Jesus, but even drapes a wet blanket across the hearts of our own?

I have been guilty of minimizing Jesus while maximizing standing for Truth. Unfortunately, that Truth perpetually comes into question (and rightfully so) because my focus has been on the plan and not on the Man.

Specifically for those who can't take organized religion, I apologize for my role in it.  I'm still learning.  There is a bigger picture than what I have at times made it out to be.  My intent is to gain momentum in the things that matter.  A good beginning is to spit out both the gnats and the camels of introverted religion that even unbelievers can tell is a facade.

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