Friday, September 04, 2015


Don't you just love right now?

While unpretentious about negative matters existing, we are free to reflect, perceive, and focus upon the vast amount of wonder right before our very eyes.  It isn't necessary to travel a distance to scope out fascination.

At this moment my brain is sending signals to my fingertips in order to communicate to over 2000 Facebook friends.  Add to that the number of readers in my hometown newspaper.  And, I haven't even touched on the wonder of my eyes reading what your eyes will soon read.

Wonderfully bizarre!!!

A favorite thing I find about life is that regardless of age, regardless of what's been discovered, regardless of scientific structure, there is the constant and ongoing snowballing of practical innovation.

I.  Love.  Innovation.

The human mind is Disney World on caffeine.  We recall by the spectacular concept of re-minding.  If that isn't wonder enough, this same information sponge within our skull can also imagine.  When one has a capacity to re-mind and also imagine....well hello exciting life!!!

I urge you to think like God.  Think creatively.  Not only is that His forte, He passed it along to us.  We are created in His image.

Did you know that the game of basketball began with a bushel basket upon a pole at each end of a court?  Each time a basket was made, they had to stop the game to climb up to retrieve the ball.  Eventually....yep, you got it....the baskets aged and the bottoms fell out.

Ahha, a way to shoot the ball and eliminate the time-consuming act of retrieving it.  A genius idea that had been right in front of them all along.

Life is packed with invention-yet-to-happen.  I find that a favorite thing about life is that it is both initiated and backed by our God whose drive seems to consistently be that of perpetual creativity.  May we have the mind-set to join in!

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