Sunday, September 06, 2015


I treasure the innovators, thinkers, planners, and dreamers.  Whatever level of faithful devotion we have reached, the fascination with God is that He is always creative.  To back that statement all one has to do is to note that world-wide inventions are not on the decline.  The opposite is true.  So many new concepts are coming at us so fast that we cannot possibly absorb the wonder of it all.

Major League pitchers learn how to develop a change-up to go with their fastball. Scientists cannot afford to lock in on the newest discovery to simply stay there; else they will soon be left behind.  The realm of education is still in need of knowing ABCs while trying to keep pace with current trends of ambitious learning.

So it is with faith.  I don't know of a zone more stuck.  Yet, to be fair, this is my realm of biggest interest; so possibly I'm biased.

However, I am concerned about what it is we call faith.  Do we read the Bible with its impossible stories becoming possible; yet close it as if such glory were for back then? Are we far too dismissive of our own sins while we crab at the world around us for there misfunctions?

Believers are surely aligned by God to have positive impact.  If not careful we will be more critical than helpful.  It could be that the Christian world needs first to confess our own sins before we pounce on that strain of sin in community that we would dare never to be guilty.

Surely our communities are in sinful disarray.  And God died to help us.  We have work to do.  We love the call to his work.  Our first line of duty again today may very well be that we confess our own sins rather than the sins of others.  From this move, we very well might see a new kind of response toward us; one of welcoming.

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