Monday, September 07, 2015


I can't say that I know what it was like in what some would refer to as the Good Ol' Days.  Reminiscence of slower pace is perceived by the older generations of which I am now one.  Whether such is true or those were just some of our times we favor, I'm not certain.  I do know that we attend to a very fast-paced life-style today.

I do cheer you on to drink in the moment.  Life is rich with buried treasure; some of it going unseen before our very eyes, I believe, due to our hurried pace.  Notice right now.  Love right now.

While Internet, FB, etc surely keep us in touch, this can become quite surface.  These constant blurbs passing through our machines surely fill our waking moments with value.  Furthermore, let it be also noted that these "in touch" concepts, in reality, may actually keep us out of touch.  Communication is thrown out in quick-firing snippets.  Intercommunication is accelerated while understanding and genuine connection to one another are possibly being sabotaged.

I am quite fond of our communication gadgets because they let me pass through my friends' days as you all pass through mine...much like what we are doing just now.  However, we must not lose sight of the basic need among us to be present with others physically to give and to receive strength.

For all of the many gatherings of all of the versatile families and friends, we are most overjoyed.  I merely mean to awaken any who have traded human face-to-face interaction for the hiding place of communication gadgets to think again.

We can't possibly bond deeply with the hundreds and thousands as we exchange photos, comments, and articles with great delight.  But we can bond deeply with a few.  I urge you to be sure you are not robbed of being with the people who are in your presence because you are mentally and emotionally brain-dead to the family and friends hovered around you.

We need let us be present when we get to be with one another.

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